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Direct mail for any type of project or campaign - utilize our resources to meet your demands.

Our warehouse allows us to fulfill any order, saving you time and money on both storage costs and shipping.

With the most up to date mailing lists, we allow you to reach your target customers and prospects with accuracy.

Let CITYMAIL be your one stop shop for mailing and printing.

Our professional staff handles both inbound and outbound calls--handling your customers with care.

Our international mailing process allows us to significantly reduce the cost of foreign shipping.



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Located in Boston, we pride ourselves on 30 years of mailing expertise: local, national, and international. CITYMAIL has the knowledge and experience you need to to reduce postage costs for your next mailing campaign. We understand post office regulations like nobody else in the business. No job too large, or too small. CITYMAIL is your one-stop shop for all your mailing, printing, and fulfillment needs.


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Why Choose CITYMAIL?

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