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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save money using CITYMAIL?

I'm a non-profit, how can I save more?

How do I set up my design for mailing?

What is barcoding?

How should I submit my mailing lists?

Do I need a mailing permit?

How should I submit my artwork?

We now use the Intelligent barcode which can reduce your first class postage to as low as 37¢.

A small postcard can be mailed for only 28¢ postage whereas one designed too large may cost 60¢ postage. Call us before you print!

We can tell you how to get those low postage rates. You can even use our permit and save hundreds of dollars​.

USPS regulations have gotten stricter in the last 5 years. Show us a proof before you go to press and avoid paying extra postage.​

We create a barcode using our software. It speeds delivery and saves postage.​

Excel is preferred but we can work with most programs. Try to avoid labels as they will delay mailing and usually increase postage.​

On most occasions you can use the CITYMAIL permit-even if you are a non-profit.

Email us at: and describe your mailing piece. We will advise the best method to use.​

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"CITYMAIL has helped us create a national program for our agents. We have gotten great results."

"Our mailings have always been done quickly and on time"

"CITYMAIL has handled various mailings for us over the  past 15 years with excellent turnaround time"

"CITYMAIL was an integral part of our award-winning 50th Anniversary invitation"

Nationwide Real Estate Organization 

Large Charitable Foundation

Fortune 500 Company 

International Humanatarian Organization

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