Stand Out with Odd Sized Mail

Direct mail is one of the oldest forms of advertising. Companies have been using direct to market their services to customers since the post office was first created. One common problem with bulk mail is differentiating your piece of mail from the competitors. One way to do this is to have a specialty printing company create mail pieces which are oddly sized and will stick out among other mail. Many companies do not think of this simple fact, which can allow your direct mail piece to stick out among the rest.

Another common tactic to make your bulk mail stand out in your potential customer’s mailboxes is to use bright colored paper. Color is a visual cue which tends to draw the eye towards your piece of mail. This can give you just enough time to convince potential customers to give you a call for your services.

City Mail is your best bet if you are interested in direct mail or specialty printing services. They have been providing mailing services since 1989 and would be more than willing to discuss your next direct mail campaign over the phone or via email. Visit their web site at to see their wide range of services.​

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