Save Significant Money On Posting

There are three primary postage rates used when businesses send mail to potential customers. These rates are bulk rate, a presort mail rate and first class. Bulk mail is the cheapest and first class is obviously the most expensive. One mail class which is often overlooked is the presorted mail rate. This rate is great for direct mail because it is a bit more expensive, but consumers consider it to be close to first class mail. Consumers are beginning to catch on to items that are sent bulk rate and quickly discard them. However, with presort mail potential customers think that these pieces are first class and often open them to see what is inside. This can be great for businesses as this is exactly what you want for your potential customers to do when they receive your direct mail.

Whether you need presorted mail, bulk mail or first class mail services, City Mail is your one stop shop for all of your mailing and printing needs. They have been in business for over 20 years and would welcome the chance to impress you with their phenomenal customer service. Visit their web site at today to see all that they have to offer to both businesses and Non-profit organizations.​

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