How Bulk Mail Relates to Your Business

Bulk mail refers to a high amount of mail that is mailed and processed in order to reduce rates. When it comes to mailing in bulk, the prices are lower as compared to those of single piece mail. The Postal service gives out discount rates for bulk mail only when certain requirements are followed. In order to meet these requirements, unique software and specific equipment is used. Single piece mail requires that you pay the full postage price. When you put a stamp on a letter, you are paying full postage price. Mailing bulk offers customers a variety of services at a reasonable cost when compared to first class mail.


Qualifications for Bulk Mail


In order for one to qualify for bulk mail rate services, they must have a minimum of 500 identical pieces of mail when it comes to first class mail or a minimum of 200 identical pieces of mail when it comes to regular or nonprofit mail. If you have any questions about any type of mailing services, give the professionals at City Mail a call today at 617-561-0880. You can also visit their web site at to learn more about the services that they offer to businesses of all sizes.

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