Mail Saves Money for Your Non-Profit

As a Non-Profit it is very important to constantly watch where each dollar is spent.  Non-Profit organizations are forced to raise all of their own capital which can be difficult.  Non-Profits are occasionally supported by government associations, but with the downturn in the economy these grants have been hard to come by for Non-Profit organizations.  Non-Profit mailing can be a way to raise money without spending an excessive amount of money.  Non-profit organizations are able to secure lower postage rates than typical organizations which can add up to significant savings with direct mail campaigns.

If you are a Non-profit organization and are looking for direct mail services, City Mail is your source for all of your promotional needs.  Whether it is specialty printing services or mailing services, City Mail has everything you need to get your Non-profit mailing out the door quickly and at a reasonable cost.  Visit their web site today at to see all of the different services that they offer to businesses and Non-Profit organizations.​

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