What are Residential Lists?

If you are starting a marketing program, you probably have a target audience in mind. If your audience does not include businesses, but is focusing on a residential area instead, you will need residential lists in order to get your information to the people you plan to target. There are several ways to do this, but residential lists are the option that makes the most sense.We can prepare your list for you and make sure that your newsletter, or whatever form of advertising you require is delivered to the list for a fraction of the price it could cost from someone else. In some cases, the creation and delivery of your newsletter to the target audience will cost less than fifteen cents per delivery. When you consider that all you really have to do is give us the information or template to work from, that’s a pretty great deal for your company.  Imagine how much business you will be able to gain from this type of inexpensive direct mail marketing.​

Benefits of a P.O. Box

PO boxes can be of great benefit to anyone. Whether you are an individual or a large corporation, this form of receiving mail may be just what you are looking for. When you consider privacy challenges that exist today, you might see just how beneficial PO boxes can be for you or your company.Anonymity and convenience are two of the most common reasons that people use PO boxes. Even if you run a business out of a home, a PO box might be more convenient for you than your traditional mail box. Sure, it’s easy to go out to the mailbox and get your mail, but do you really want all of your customers to have your home address? Maybe your postal carrier will complain about your large amount of mail? You just never know. When it comes to using a PO box, this isn’t an issue. It even makes it easier to keep your home and business life separate from each other.​

Take the Work Out of Order Fulfillment

Many businesses have a ‘request literature’ option that allows consumers to click a link on a website in order to be mailed certain pieces of information. Rather than spending your own time or your employee’s time on literature request order fulfillment, let us handle it for you. Specialty printing and mailing services are what we do. Your important company information will be in professional hands from handling and packing to mailing your items out.The fulfillment and mailing services we offer include mail order processing, warehousing, kitting and distribution, as well as packaging and shipping. So if you have information packets that your customers can request, we can handle making sure these gets to potential customer’s mailboxes quickly and efficiently without you having to increase your payroll to handle fulfillment duties! Consider the savings of both time and money when you hire us to handle all of your order fulfillment tasks from start to finish.​

How to Advertise Using Direct Mail

Have you been searching for a low cost method of advertising? Direct mailing lists are a great way to reach a target audience with a low cost post card or brochure. Our mailing services offer a full range of options from our printing and design services to providing the direct mailing lists and handling all the actual mailing.Direct mailing lists are compiled based on different criteria. Some are by zip code, others by age ranges, and even gender. This allows you to select a target audience and make sure that the information about your company gets to the people that will really use it. Don’t waste hours printing up post cards on your computer printer, licking stamps, and placing batch after batch of cards in the mail box. Give us your order and let us handle all of the mailing logistics. Just sit back and enjoy the fruits of our efforts when new customers begin pouring in thanks to your professional post cards.​

Effective Consumer Mailing

When your business is looking for the most cost effective and widespread marketing approach, you may find there are many options that meet at least one of these needs. It can be difficult to find an option that meets both. When it comes to that point, it’s time to look at one of the most common, yet also most overlooked methods of marketing today. Consumer mailing lists are cost effective, reach your target market, and provide potential customers with a tangible piece of advertising.When you utilize bulk mailing services combined with consumer mailing lists, you are placing a piece of paper with your information on it in the hands of potential customers. This is much more effective than them hearing your website or phone number on the radio or television. Consider how many advertisements people see and hear each day. What are the chances they will remember the details of yours?Take advantage of our services to turn your potential customers into a tangible part of your customer base.​

Start to Finish Marketing Via Mail

Once you’ve decided to launch a mail marketing campaign, you’re faced with several decisions. Do you want to choose a separate company for specialty printing services, another company to distribute, and another company to take care of inserting, labeling and mailing? That seems like a lot of coordinating and work would be required to make sure all of these companies are working together efficiently.Wouldn’t it be easier to find a mailing services company that can  handle every aspect of your mail marketing campaign from specialty printing to inventory tracking, product warehousing, and of course mail order processing?Of course you want to go with one company from start to finish. Not only will it save you a lot of headaches along the way, but it will streamline the mail marketing process and get your marketing brochures into the hands of your potential customers much faster. Our services will assist you from beginning to end while offering you plenty of support and room for your personal choices to be implemented throughout the entire printing process.​

Why Have a Bulk Mail Service?

Most people don’t really have the time to personalize their bulk mail, much less deal with every single aspect of it. It can and is a full time job just to get the mail ready to be delivered with the addresses and postal fees all taken care of. That’s why bulk mail services are so valuable.With a bulk mail service, you don’t have to worry about the finer points of taking care of numerous envelopes or packages. Chances are good that if you deal in bulk mail, you have some kind of business to take up your time already. The details of something like mailing shouldn’t be the things that take up your time.City Mail is just one of the bulk mail services available to meet your needs. You can start with purchasing a mailing list to serve your business and let the service take care of all the finer points.​

Consumer Mailing List Advantages

Consumer mailing lists are valuable tools for those who want to share or exchange information. Almost any business can benefit from such tools whether they are used for sales, surveys, or just making people aware of a certain issue.It may seem like everyone is using the Internet, but there are still those that prefer to use traditional methods of communication. Even people who rely on the Internet may not see what you have to offer if they don’t get it in the mail. That’s because people have become ad blind and don’t always notice information that is right in front of them.Consumer mailing lists allow you to offer something to every consumer, whether they have the Internet or not. The best part is that there are mailing services that not only offer consumer mailing lists, but also offer services to go along with that list. For instance, City Mail offers lists, bulk mail services, and even specialty printing so you can take care of all your mailing needs in one place.​

How Bulk Mail Relates to Your Business

Bulk mail refers to a high amount of mail that is mailed and processed in order to reduce rates. When it comes to mailing in bulk, the prices are lower as compared to those of single piece mail. The Postal service gives out discount rates for bulk mail only when certain requirements are followed. In order to meet these requirements, unique software and specific equipment is used. Single piece mail requires that you pay the full postage price. When you put a stamp on a letter, you are paying full postage price. Mailing bulk offers customers a variety of services at a reasonable cost when compared to first class mail. Qualifications for Bulk Mail In order for one to qualify for bulk mail rate services, they must have a minimum of 500 identical pieces of mail when it comes to first class mail or a minimum of 200 identical pieces of mail when it comes to regular or nonprofit mail. If you have any questions about any type of mailing services, give the professionals at City Mail a call today at 617-561-0880. You can also visit their web site at www.citymailusa.com to learn more about the services that they offer to businesses of all sizes.​


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